PhenoloGIT designed, built and tested a collaboratively created educational environmental information platform, supported by state-of-the-art mobile technology and Geographical Information Technologies (GIT), to be used by teachers and students in primary and secondary schools

The Phenologit Platform

The platform allows them not only to make scientific observations in their local environment and gather new data in an intuitive and engaging way, but also to acquire complex knowledge by collaboratively creating and sharing new information using open-source tailored educational tools to analyse and reflect on graphical, spatial and mathematical data sets.

phenologit partners

These tools and resources are based – and released – as open source/free license resources, to promote their use and evolution in the following years and so offer great potential benefits in the longer term for schools across Europe.


The project had three main phases:

  • First, educational needs and possibilities will be analysed,  and tools, learning-teaching strategies and contents will be identified and developed.
  • In the second stage these tools will be tested in real situations in pilot schools in UK, Spain, Lituania and Denmark, and training given to a group of pilot teachers from these countries. A second pilot test will be then carried out with these teachers and their students. Both pilots will be closely followed and evaluated.
  • The final stage of the project will be devoted to the design and implementation of a social learning network of GIT based school projects, “Open School Learning Network “ not limited to phenology, but including other subjects identified by teachers in the first phase. This stage will multiply the benefits from the project, generating online resources for teachers, as well as an active community of schools working and learning with GIT and related technologies.