It´s an activity implemented by the school ” Ventin” in Galicia
Think of four questions that you could ask your class about the similarities and differences between
the pictures of the Oak trees and the associated information from all the partner countries
Question 1. . Why do leaves fall from the oaks and from other trees, they don’t? (we use this
activity to review deciduous and evergreen trees).
Where do they start to change color?
Question 2. Study your sheets. Parts of the leaf: edges, limbus, beam and underside, nerves or
veins, petiole. (We have compared the leaves of an oak with the leaves of a chestnut tree)
Question 3. What is the tree like? The treetop, at what height do the branches come out? Stretch
marks of the cortex? What other living things have their bark? (mosses and lichens) Why do they
come out?
Question 4. We work maths with the umpires: we measure our height and our palm (the span of
the hand). From these measures we make an approximate calculation of the height and the length
of the circumference.





Proposing teachers

Alicia Regos CEIP Ventín



Type of activity

Obsrervation and interdisciplinary activities

Key competences

Critical thinking

List of species


Software needed

AppGeomapOther: Other

Activity Files

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Email and contact

Time required

3 hours

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