Our study will focus on how the climate affects the biological cycle of this tree. To do this we have selected few Oaks located in two different zones.
Cerceda which is located at 351m above sea level the climate of Cerceda is quite different from that of A Coruña so we propose to make a  students work of how the climate influences on :
the closed buds appear
when they swell
when they start to open
When flowers open
When the fruit appears

Parameters to study

– First buds

– Half of the tree with leaves

– Tree with all the leaves

 Appearance of flowers.  It is interesting to know when the beginning of flowering begins and when it reaches its maximum

Parameters to study

– Appearance of the 1st flower

– Half of the tree with flowers





Proposing teachers

Milagros Trigo


Early secondary

Type of activity

Observation and research about the oak

Key competences

Critical thinkingCreativityCollaborationCommunication

List of species


Software needed


Activity Files

Had been tested?


Email and contact


Time required

3 months ( 15 m a week)

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