Students year 1 Secondary will have to explore the plants near the school and area, for this we will focus on the trees and plants. You’re going to collect data on them and observe the changes that occur in certain periods of time and will compeair it with other regions in Europe specially our partners’ regions.
This will be support with in resources such as the project apps and maps that will contribute to gain information on “Biodiversity”, classification of living things ” “Keys to identify different Plants types”…
We propose students to explore the plants round them and use the project App to identify different types of plants. Students will become engaged in acquire new concepts through the use of short activities that promote curiosity and elicit prior knowledge.
You will Collect information on trees and plants in the environment round the school and region and be able to communicate it by different means. Students will compare the biodiversity of the Galician environment with other countries through the project platform.





Proposing teachers

Milagros Trigo


Upper primaryEarly secondary

Type of activity


List of species

DaisyOakBrambleDandelionHorse Chestnut

Software needed


Activity Files

Had been tested?


Email and contact

No details

Time required

6 h

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