Think about the questions that you could ask your class about the similarities and differences between the photos of the two types of oaks (Quercus Robur and Quercus Pirenaica) and associated information that these observations contain in the participating countries.
Question 1. What common processes can we observe in different photographs?
(Fall of fruits(acorns), and of leaves).
Question 2. What characteristic or common factor do all these countries share?
(They are found in the Northern Hemisphere, so in all of them it is autumn).
Question 3. Did we end the same observation, not even if Argentina would participate in this project? Explain
(No, because it is stuck in the southern hemisphere, and then in spring).
Question 4. Do you observe differences between two different countries? What do you think you can do that?
(Yes, the process is more advanced in the countries located further north, due to climatic characteristics (more or less warm climates) and geographical (latitude) .The different latitude determines that the solar rays arrive with different inclinations, which means different temperature and duration of daylight hours).





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